About Immanent Urbanism(s)

Immanent Urbanism(s) was designed and curated by Eric Rogers, developing out of the intersection between architectural theory research, work in the sharing economy, communal living advocacy and development work, and "urban hacking" activities. The enmeshed and interrelated nature of these practices led to the founding of the series, which seeks to open up new lines of inquiry and new avenues for spatial intervention in the urban environment. The ambition is that a whole cohort of participants may become literate in a new set of critical and urban considerations that allow for an informed optimism that authorizes and encourages meaningful spatial praxis.

The Immanent Urbanism(s) series is part of a larger series of free and public lectures and discussions hosted by the Embassy Network--a federated network of co-living spaces based in the Bay Area. Founded and hosted by Embassy Network resident/collaborators, the series has featured many different speakers and discussions on a wide range of topics, with a diverse and sprawling community of participants and audience members. All events were free and open to the public, being hosted at the Red Victorian, Dovetail, Langdon Labs, and California College of the Arts.

The series owes a huge thanks to all of the participants and to the spaces and institutions that hosted our events.